FURY Assembly part 1

Morning. At least they tell me it is. I’m at FURY Assembly. It’s 9.25am. I’ve slept, a bit. Much more than lots of other people by the looks of it. I’m not great with not enough (at least 7 hours) sleep so events like this are always a bit of a challenge for me.Anyway, enough about me and my love of duvet time.

FURY (Fellowship of United Reformed Youth) have an Assembly every year in January. Young people from all over Britain get together for some worship, discussion, workshops and entertainment (and not sleep).I arrived at about 6.30pm last night after a nightmare 6 hour drive through the rain, fog and wind with my sat nav taking me an interesting little diversion through a lovely little village then back onto the main road again.

So, now that I’m here… what’s happening?Friday night saw some introductions, some worship (singing punctuated by ad-lib prayers), a chance to meet in regional groups and then in small groups to work out whether or not FURY Has Talent (more on that later). The evening finished off with a quiz and Mr Bean’s Holiday.So, so far it seems to be going ok in a random kind of way.

I’m going to spend most of the rest of the day creating a labyrinth for tomorrow morning (someone forgot to ask me to bring it!). Should be fun…