Existential Punk on Something Beautiful

I’m proud to be a co-host of the Something Beautiful Podcast.

For those of you who don’t know about the podcast our intrepid gang (Thomas, Jonathan and I) interview people who have a story to tell.  Mostly these are people of faith.  Many of them are people who have had interesting experiences of church and of life.  Stories are amazing, mostly because they aren’t opinion but rather a lived experience.

This week we share the first part of Thomas’ conversation with Adele Sakler (aka existential punk).  Adele grew up in a typical Protestant Christian family but in high school and college began to struggle with the issues between her faith and her attraction to other women.  She’s now come to peace with the fact that she’s gay and a follower of The Way and she’s become a bold voice about her faith, her homosexuality as well as her Chronic Lyme Disease.

From her blog:

My name is Adele and “i am thomas, doubter. i am judas, betrayer. i am nicodemus, reluctant in the night. i am st. john of the cross, soul darkened by love. i am a christian. i am not.” i am also “lost, wicked, and depraved but redeemed by the grace and beauty of God.”

i am a traveler who currently resides in Richmond, VA with my partner and love of my life, Katryna, and our two dawgs, Lady Dalmation, and Mushu, our Tibetan Spaniel. i am currently going through long-term treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease, other tick borne diseases, and heavy metal toxicity.

We realize that, like many of our guests, you may not agree with Adele’s theology — she realizes that as well — but we invite you to take the time to listen to Adele’s story and hear her story for yourself.  Take the time to hear her story and view it and her as an entire package, not just shunning her for what you may not agree with.  Then we welcome your thoughts and comments.  Drop us an e-mail or phone call and let us know what you think.

As an aside, Adele turns 40 today (april 2) – so look for her on Twitter and wish her a great one!

5 thoughts on “Existential Punk on Something Beautiful”

  1. Dear Stewart and others,
    Thanks for this post and podcast. I hope we will always have time to listen to one another with grace and love and to pray for one another in all circumstances.

  2. Stewart,
    I really enjoyed what Adele had to say and the way in which she put it. Like her I hate labels. I loved her freshness and honesty. Thanks for posting this.

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