Don’t Look Back In Anger

So, it’s 2009 already.  How was 2008 for you?

For me it was pretty good.  Not in a lots of huge and significant things happened kind of way but lots of little good things came along.

Work Stuff

  • We have a Children and Youth Committee with more young people than adults on it.
  • Scottish Youth Ministry Network is up and running and has lots of people joining up
  • New Synod website and Twitter
  • Good training events around the country with more to come
  • Lots of worship leading which people have been very supportive about
  • taught a new class at ICC (must mark those essays!)
  • Emerging Church stuff finally getting some serious airtime in Scotland

But looking forward to 2009…

  • A trip to Cuba
  • and possibly Israel/Palestine (if they stop fighting for long enough)
  • develop some stuff around online youth work
  • a Young Adult event
  • new Children’s Forums


Twitter – I work alone at my desk a lot.  Twitter connects me to a group of people who feed me with ideas, inspiration and general nonsense.  It makes the day pass quicker and gives me a sense of connection. – A self-hosted blog has been on the cards for some time but this was the year I got round to it.  More than 6,000 people have visited here from all over the world and I’m deeply grateful to every one of you for your interest and most of all for your participation.

Podcasts – I’ve started podcasting a couple of things.  The first is the occasional sermon.  The second is Something Beautiful, where I’ve recently been added as a co-host to a great podcast which gives people space to tell the story of their life and journey of faith.

For 2009…
Who knows.  I didn’t plan any of this stuff!


I’ve lived in the same house for a whole year (more significant than you could possibly know), passed my Masters essays so far, started swimming, stopped swimming again, bought a camera and have taken lots of photos, climbed a couple of hills, met some brilliant people and converted to Macs.

For 2009…

  • Finish the Masters
  • Start swimming again
  • Run a half marathon (did one in 2000 but haven’t run much since then)
  • Spend more time outside
  • become a legend at Guitar Hero

So, that’s me.  A quick look back and a quicker look forward.  I hope 2009 will be  a great year. I have a feeling that lots of little things will come together to make 2009 a very significant year.  I’m looking forward to it.  I hope you are too.