Done Running

I am, quite literally, done.

I ran my half marathon today in a time of 2:08:37.  To be honest, given the warmer than expected day (I have sunburn on my head!) and the random aches and pains, I’m quite happy with the time.  I still think I have a sub-2:00 in me, but today was just about getting round.

The people of Glasgow were amazing today.  Loads of people lined the whole route shouting, drumming, clapping and even spraying much needed water on the very hot runners.

Thank you all so much for all the messages of support on facebook, twitter, phone and email.  It was hugely encouraging to know that so many people were behind me.

And you have changed the world for the better.  I think when all the money comes in together we will have raised around £1,500 for Christian Aid.  (you can donate for another few weeks HERE)  That’s amazing.  That kind of money will change the lives of lots of people.  It will feed people, buy them homes, send them to school and help them to work.

You did that.  You changed the world.  Well done.

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