Creating Fear

I don’t often post rants but today’s Sunday Herald headline has left me no choice!

‘Scotland’s plans for bird flu pandemic’ was the front page headline under a full page close up picture of a gas mask.  Wow!  The threat of a worldwide flu epidemic must be only days away.  It seems the Health Service even has a plan.

Of course the Health Service has a plan.  It would be NEWS if it didn’t have a disaster plan.  The Sunday Herald picks up on all the shocking bits of this not so secret plan to deal with ANY major outbreak of an infectious disease.  This isn’t news.  It’s not even informed speculation.  It is lazy journalism and just plain wrong.  When was it a newspaper’s job to scare it’s readers with no basis for doing so?

Get a grip Sunday Herald.  You are meant to be a ‘quality’ newspaper.  Leave the scare mongering to the Daily Mail.