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I’ve been out and about over the last couple of days, firstly at a Church of Scotland Presbytery and then at a URC Area Council.  Both were interesting in that both had short conference sessions where the meeting broke up into small groups to discuss an issue.  Is this a sign of progress?

I was at the Church of Scotland Presbytery talking about NEXUS, a partnership event involving the Scottish Christian Resources Exhibition and 5 Presbyteries of the Church of Scotland.  I’m representing the URC on the management group and loads of other people from all round the churches in Scotland are involved.  I’m Deputy Project Manager for the event. 

It’s always a bit odd bigging up an event you are organising but I think Nexus will be pretty special so if you are near the SECC in Glasgow on 23-25 August this year, pop in and see us.  There will be lots to do, to listen to and to buy, all to resource your congregation.

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  1. Got my Nexus blurb from CRE this morning. Couldn’t help but laugh at the line, “You may have read about The Big Saturday…. maybe you were there!” Aye, and then some!
    I take it I’ll not be needing to buy a ticket for this one either?

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