Celebrations in our family are like buses.  You wait ages for one then they all come along at once… this is the first in a string of posts over the next two weeks!

Today is my step-son David’s 21st Birthday.

21 today

He’s very pleased with his new camera and is off to Hampden today to watch Rangers v St Mirren followed by an evening of revelry.  I hope he has a day to remember (and that he can remember hos day!) and many happy returns!

It’s my mum & dad’s ruby wedding tomorrow so last night the family and few friends gathered to celebrate.

Mum and Dad

40 years is an amazing amount of time to be married.  Like all couples they have had their ups and downs but they have stuck by each other and last night it seemed obvious how much they value their friend’s support and how much they are loved by those people who have seen them through thick and thin.

So, congratulations Jim and Annis and I wish you many more happy years together!