capital gains?

Who knew that reading was so… enlightening!

I’m in the final (hopefully) throws of the dissertation and I’m battering away at a couple of sections before editing my findings.

The parts getting attention just now are about ‘the Church and social capital’ and ‘youth work strategy’.

The social capital discussion has been really interesting.  I asked in twitter and facebook if the church should have a role in social capital and got some great examples of how it already is, why it should be and some of the dangers.

So, what do you think?  Should the church be part of ‘Call me Dave’s’ Big Society?  After all, that’s a social capital drive if ever there was one!  Does the church have something unique to offer?  Or should it stand apart as a prophetic voice?

The second part on Youth Work strategy is a quick wade through Moving Forward, the Scottish Government’s youth strategy which, like those of England and Wales, don’t really pay much attention to spiritual development, despite it being one of the core areas of youth development.

Should the church be saying more about this?  Are we any good at helping young people to develop spiritually?  Or do we just play games and go bowling?

What do you think?