at the going down of the sun

This Sunday (12 November) is Remembrance Sunday here. 

Armistice Sunday always moves me deeply.  Remembering the millions of men and women who gave their lives for our freedom is such an important thing for us to continue to do.  There are fewer and fewer left of those who served in the first world war and the same is true of the survivors of the second world war.

There have been many who have died since those two world wars all across the world.  We should remember them.  Always.

I often wonder if we paid more attention to the preciousness of human life we might be a little slower to send young men and women to their deaths to further political ambition.

I was greatly impressed by the commemorations of D-Day where for the first time the German people joined with the Allies to remember the passing of such great evil.  We forget too easily the price paid by ordinary men and women who just happened to be German and who had little interest in or sympathy with their leaders ambitions but were sent to die anyway.

So at the going down of the sun and in the morning we should remember them.  And never forget.