#ashcloud effects

I’m not going anywhere, I’m not planning to go anywhere and I’m not stuck anywhere… but the big cloud of volcanic ash has altered my plans for this week.

I was supposed to collect a group of 11 Hungarian youth workers at Edinburgh airport tonight but that’s not happening as European airspace remains closed.

That means we have had to cancel plans (thanks to the nice people who we were going to visit) and also cancel accommodation… which has been a bit more problematic.

We had booked the group into a hostel in Glasgow.  We paid the whole thing up front so we could get a small discount.  They won’t give us any of the cash back.  If we had only paid a deposit we would only have lost 10%.

They are going to let us change the dates, as long as we re-book in the near future.  Thanks.

So, I now have some time to work on my dissertation that I wasn’t expecting.  And a hole in our budget that I wasn’t expecting either.