Alan Johnston released

BBC journalist Alan Johnston has been released after 114 days in captivity in Gaza.  Alan’s picture has been in my sidebar for most of that time.  I’ll leave him there until tomorrow.  Click his face for the story of his captivity, release and to read and see some of his reports from his three years living and working in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

1 thought on “Alan Johnston released”

  1. I am so glad that alan jonston was released after 114 days in captivity. I have been so worried about him since the first day he was deductedfor many reasons first the man was a professional reporter doing his job in gaza strip which witnessed lately and unusually increasing number of deducted journalists who have been released after a short while. unlikely johnston detention lasted for almost four months. HE also was the only remaining western journalist in gaza as well as his contract with the BBC was about to end. Also seeing him the way he was alike on reading his kidnappers demands throughout athat videotape made me sympathize more with man who looked like a helpless guy trying to control himself in a very difficult circumstances. I was really thrilled on hearing that johnston was released on the early hours of the4th of july and that he was transferred to the british consulate in Jerusalem on his way home. what a lovely and asensational feeling johnston had at these moments. Again I am so happy for him and I wish he would elaborate soon on this terrible period he surely wont forget so easily.

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