365 so far…

365 January

365 January

I’m trying hard to take a photo every day for a year.  I started late… but I’ve managed one each day so far.  What do you think?  Any favourites?

5 thoughts on “365 so far…”

  1. super pics Stewart – may contain meat – what a cracker! love the squirrel in the snow and on the fiddle….

  2. Great idea! I’m a sucker for candle shots, but I also really like the open book and the cylindrical tower. Do you carve out time especially for photography jaunts, or is the goal to find a great picture everyday in your day-to-day routine?

  3. Hey Russell!!! Long time man! How’s Vegas? Hope you’re well!

    I’m trying to take my camera with me wherever I go but most days I end up taking a shot of something in or around the house. I’m running out of stuff to photograph! The idea was to get to know my camera better. It’s got loads of settings I never use so I got a book for Christmas and I’m trying out different things.

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