Youth Ministry Networks

Being a youth worker can be a lonely job.  I know that sounds odd, especially given that the job is to spend time with young people and develop good working relationships with all kinds of people.  But the fact is that much of a youth worker’s time is spent on their own, preparing, reading, thinking…

Networks are crucial to help spark ideas, nurture new workers and sustain those of us who have been at this for some time.

The Internet provides lots of ways to keep in touch with colleagues and I’m glad to say that our new Scottish Youth Ministry online network has been a great success.  Almost 40 people have joined in a week!

It was also good to see Youthworks, a real life, in person, network launched last Friday with 50 or so people gathering in Edinburgh.

So, if you are out there and you’re a youth worker then get involved.  There is no excuse for being lonely anymore!

2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Networks”

  1. this youthworks thing, what exactly is it? is it the kind of thing that could be developed in other parts of the country?I’ve started inviting folks onto symn, I’ll be blogging and facebooking it later today!

  2. Youthworks is a real life, meet people in the flesh network for faith-based youth work.  Beyond that I know very little.  Neil Pratt would be the man to ask as he made it to the launch.  I didn’t.  You could also message Crawford Bell on SYMN as he sent out the invites for the launch through YMCA where he works.

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