Which generation has been inspired?

I’ve been captivated by the Olympics.  Team GB have been outstanding, the BBC coverage superb and the sport has been top class.  In short, it’s been inspiring.

‘Inspire a generation’ was always the aim of these legacy games.  It seems as though people have been inspired, but I wonder which generation?

I see more adults out running.  The weather helps with that, but still, it’s great to see people out pounding the pavements.

I see more adults on bikes.

But a thought still niggles at the back of my head… when will the x-box game be out?

Is there a generation of young people who are vaguely aware that the greatest sports event on earth has been happening because their gaming time has been interrupted?

And does it matter that they might not have been inspired if their parents have been motivated to make some changes to their lifestyle which will in turn impact on those young people?

1 thought on “Which generation has been inspired?”

  1. You pose an interesting question. In our house, one of my kids finds it hilraious to see and hear us shout at the TV in encouragement, while one of the others thinks it’s boring (the PS2 player…) Our eldest thinks its good but is now at the Youth Assembly so will miss the final chunks. As for us adults…. we’ll still shout at the screen and maybe be inspired to get a bit fitter…

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