Training Week 8

Running this week has been pretty good.  I dug around the miCoach site and found that my race pace should be 10 seconds below the top of the green zone.  I’ve been struggling to get into the yellow zone and maintain that pace… it was just a little too fast.  I reduced the pace zones by 10 seconds and Friday’s threshold run was much more realistic.  I could actually get into the yellow zone.

I missed a short run on Sunday.  I felt better after the rest.

I’m not going to post the graphs unless you really want to see them.  If you do, just ask.

This looks like the last week of 2 long runs.  Killer Fridays start to become shorter interval and fartlek runs with Monday being the long run.

This week: Time 4:20:49, Distance 43:41, Calories: 3501.

As always you can sponsor me at  I’m running for Christian Aid.