Training: week 3

Today is World Malaria Day, raising awareness about a disease that kills.

It is estimated that around the world 1 million people die each year from malaria.  The majority of these are children.  Christian Aid works with partners around the world to help protect people from malaria carrying mosquitoes by providing nets and medicine.

These nets cost just £3.

For £3, the price of a coffee, you could save a life.  Please help me to help Christian Aid by sponsoring my half marathon run.  Just visit and donate.

My training has gone well this week.

Wednesday and Thursday were nice steady runs.  I’m still struggling a little with keeping my pace steady.

Wed 20 April



(Killer) Friday

Friday is pace day.  From now on there is a big chunk of Yellow Zone on a Friday to encourage me to lengthen my stride and have my head explode!  I didn’t do well this week.  Must do better with the pace work.


Nice 30 minute run on Sunday.


Long run day.  Upped the time to 40 minutes this week which adds a couple of kilometers.  A good 7k run today.

Stats for the week

time: 2:23:12   calories: 2167   distance 26:97km