Training: Week 1

My half marathon training is well and truly underway.  My long run will be on a Monday each week so I thought after my long run I’d blog about my week’s training and talk about other stuff for the rest of the week.

I’ve already talked about the assessment run which was really difficult to judge in terms of the effort.  That led to the miCoach adjusting the coloured timezones to quicker times.  In my first run on Thursday I really struggled so I put the zones back down a little.

You can see from the graphs that Blue is now 6:53-5:48 min/km, Green is 5:48-5:01 min/km and Yellow is 5:01-3:54 min/km.

Friday’s run was a ‘threshold run’ which means running in the yellow zone.  I think the threshold in question is the threshold of collapse!  It was hard.  As you can see I couldn’t maintain the yellow zone for long but it’s my first week so I’m hoping that will improve.


Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is a recovery run which means a nice easy run to get rid of the stiffness of the Friday run.  The big dips and roads that needed crossing.  I’m going to go run in the park from now on as these dips are causing an inaccurate reading for pace, bringing the average pace down so it’s hard to see how well I’m doing from the overall stats.

Monday runs will be long steady runs.  I’m still having problems maintaining a steady pace as you can see.

I felt a bit stiff again today but once I got into the run I felt ok.  I’m really not sure what the surges in pace are all about.  I’ll be interested to see if that levels out as I get a bit fitter.

My totals for this week are:

Time: 2:30:27     Calories: 2007     Distance: 24:87KM

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