training begins

So, my training has sort of officially started and I’ve had my first 2 donations.  Thanks for those!!!

My programme actually starts next week but today was my first run since I signed up to run the half marathon for Christian Aid.

I’m trying out the Adidas miCoach app on my iPhone.  I’ve been using the Nike+ system for a while, first on my iPod then the GPS app on my iPhone.  Nike+ is good for keeping a record of your runs but it won’t allow you to download a training programme to your phone.  The Adidas miCoach app does.

I’m going to use both Nike+ and Adidas miCoach.  I’ll use my iPod for Nike+ and my iPhone for Adidas miCoach.

Today I ran just over 4km.  You can see what miCoach and Nike+ made of that.

My first impression of miCoach is good.  I like the app.  It’s easy to navigate and get going.  The Website is nice, clean and easy to find your way around.  The only thing I don’t like is the automated voice that gives you in-run updates.  It sounds really robotic.  The upside is that Andy Murray does the end stats.  I wonder if he’s going to shout ‘C’mon’ and ‘Focus’ at me while I train?  I do hope so!

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