It’s snowing.  The world has come to an end.  A halt.  A freeze.

It’s a pain, but it’s hardly unexpected.  It’s the winter.  It snows.  OK this is a little early but we always seem caught out by the snow whenever it comes.

I work from home.  Which makes me wonder why being snowed in is such a big deal for people who work in offices and the like. I sit at a desk.  I work on my laptop.  As long as I have an Internet connection I could be at my desk, in a coffee shop or on a beach in the Bahamas and it wouldn’t make a huge difference to that part of my work.

So, why is it that people risk life and limb, get stuck for hours and generally ignore all warnings to avoid unnecessary travel to go and sit at a desk?

Are businesses really still at the point where people can’t remote access emails and files?  Would they rather their employees risked the journey to work?

That would leave the roads free for people who really need to be on them.

Or am I just being remote?

2 thoughts on “remote”

  1. I have been snowed in for 2 days so far. I won’t bust a gut to get to work as, although economically important, no-one will die if I’m not there.

    It would be great to remote work, but I can’t. The system I use for my job isn’t internet enabled and I need physical documentation to process my work. Great thought, though.

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