Mastered At Last

Master of Science in Social Research

Today I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a Master of Science in Social Research.  I’m sure by now most of you are bored silly hearing about it but I thought I should share the proof!

It’s taken me 10 years all in.  Life got in the way a bit but I’m really glad I went back to it and eventually completed it.

Lots of people helped me along the way.  I’m not going to list you all, but thank you if you are one of the people who encouraged, suggested, talked, listened, read and supported me.  You will never know how much your support has meant to me.

You can read the dissertation on the research page.  I’m still interested in what you think… Honest!

8 thoughts on “Mastered At Last”

  1. Once again, many many MANY congratulations! It’s been a really great day and I’m so proud of you.

    I didn’t even mind doing the driving!!! 😉

    Avril x

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