Hot and Cold

I think today’s service went ok.  I like when the worship seems to all be connected and balanced and it felt like that.  I’d like another go at the sermon though.  It was ok but missing some punch.  I tend to try to write stuff that connects with people’s emotions and feel that perhaps today’s was a little cold in that respect, but I hope in connected with some people.  No one fell asleep so that has to be success!  At the second service there were no children but the grown ups asked for the children’s talk anyway!  I guess I should think about more visual aids for the sermons!!!

Ta to Hospital Corners for her taking time to read my stuff and to suggest and discuss throughout the week.  Your help means so much to me.  I’d be lost without you and your bed making skills!  And to Russell, thanks for the Yancey quote and the encouragement.  Much appreciated

Today’s hot off the press is that my friend Bryan got on well with his potential new congregation and they have voted to call him as their minister.  I’m so pleased for him and his family.  I’m sure it is the right thing for them all!

2 thoughts on “Hot and Cold”

  1. Glad the Yancey snippet was helpful.
    I’m to the bottom of my Oban, so I am conveniently in the market for a new bottle. I have just a little left; I’m saving it for a side-by-side comparison with whatever comes next. So Aberlour it may be. I’ve also heard that I should try Talisker to learn about differences within W. Highland whiskys.
    It’s kind of hard to give oneself a good scotch whisky education over here because it’s expensive by the bottle, and astronomically unreasonable by the dram/shot/glass (in bars/pubs/etc.). For a 750mL bottle of Oban, I think I paid about $65 (is that around 33 pounds for you?)… and anyway, with a youth ministry salary, one has to be picky about luxuries to invest in hahaha.
    What I need is a Scotland vacation for some good hands-on education.

  2. Interesting taste in whisky Russell – Oban and Talisker are both made by the coy my hubby works for – I wont tell you how much he pays in the staff shop for it tho’! But Talisker is his fav dram!

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