Every journey begins with a single step

… ever a marathon.

“We are different, in essence, from other men. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.”

Emil Zatopek, Czech runner; winner of four Olympic gold medals

To tell the truth, I’d never win a 100 meters race.  Speed over a short distance has never been my thing.  But then running for more than four hours has never been my thing either!  But I want to join that club.

In February I will be 40 years old.  I can’t afford a Ferarri so this will have to do as my mid life crisis so I’ve entered the Edinburgh Marathon on the 27th May 2012.

It will be my first crack at 26.2 miles and the training programme starts in two days.  I have to say that I’m more than a little nervous as my 1/2 Marathon in September wasn’t exactly 13 miles of pure delight but I’ll put in the miles over the winter and keep you all up to date with how it’s going.

My plan is to do a weekly round up here and also to get back to blogging about other stuff.  I’ve not written nearly enough recently!

So, on with the running…

“A marathoner is a marathoner regardless of time. Virtually everyone who tries the marathon has put in training over months, and it is that exercise and that commitment, physical and mental, that gives meaning to the medal, not just the day’s effort, be it fast or slow.  It’s all in conquering the challenge.”

Mary R. Wittenberg, president, New York Road Runners Club