Culture, Christians and Kingdoms

I’ve been thinking of posting podcasts for a while so have a look in the sidebar for last Sunday’s sermon or listen here and let me know what you think. UPDATE – or get it on iTunes!

6 thoughts on “Culture, Christians and Kingdoms”

  1. Ok Ok. I don’t like the music much either but it was all I could find that was copyright free.  I didn’t want to fire straight into the sermon and it seemed a bit odd with no music.

    What kind of music would suit a sermon podcast? 

    And more to the point… what about what was said?  Any thoughts?  Or is this going to be the online version of ‘Good Morning.  That was nice/interesting/different.’?

  2. I liked what you had to say about hanging onto stuff that we have put into church – I have touched on this a couple of times during sermons but never quite gone for it the way you did. I assume you know the people in the cong and they have heard you before, so perhaps a safe place to suggest we are getting it a bit wrong. But yip agreed with it.

  3. I’ve been to that particulat place a couple of times before but I would say that anywhere I went.  Partly because as an outsider I can and partly because it’s not so much about ‘this congregation is getting it wrong’ but more about ‘the Church as an organisation has forgotten what it is for’.  I think we all have a responsibility for that, perhaps by not saying how it is, or by conforming to what worship ‘should be’ or whatever.

    I’m listening to Seth Godin’s book Tribes just now and I’ll post, at length, on it because it touches on all kinds of reasons why any organisation gets caught up in preserving the status quo rather than innovating.  Well worth a read/listen.  I’ll also be hopefully doing an interview for a podcast about the ideas in the book sometime this week.  I’ll keep you all posted.

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