A week off

I’ve been on holiday. I had a week off and lots of plans with the small boys for an action packed week. It all began well with a trip to Fir Park to see Motherwell v Leeds United on Saturday and big plans for the week ahead.

The action was curtailed somewhat by a sore back. I ran 17km on Monday with no ill effects. On Tuesday I picked up a t-shirt and couldn’t move for 3 days!

It’s easing off now but I’m pretty annoyed at it really messing up a week of adventures and cutting in to my training too. I’m planning (hoping) to get back out on Wednesday but we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s amazing how it is the things you least expect that cause the most bother in life. I could understand a running injury. I get that 40-50km a week starts to have a ‘ware and tear’ effect. Picking up a t-shirt was never on my ‘high-risk’ list!

The ironing basket now has a ‘caution’ sign on it.