what are you doing here?

I wonder, what are the things we will see afresh, do differently and reimagine in our enforced move out of our familiar space into our homes and communities?

Like many, many others, I’m working at home even more than normal. And also like many others I decided to change the room I work in. I’ve upgraded my desk using an IKEA worktop giving me more space, moved things around, condensed the books and cleared out all the stuff that had been accumulating. There are fewer places to put things to encourage me not to keep things I don’t need. I painted the walls with some beautiful paint (Sgurr Alasdair from The Isle of Skye Paint Company). It’s the first time I’ve ever decorated with the thought ‘I wonder what this will look like on a video call?’ in mind.

Sometimes a different viewpoint, a new perspective, a new way of looking at something can be hugely beneficial. It’s one of the reasons we go on holiday. Looking at new things or being in a new place helps us to relax, to learn and to understand.

The room needs some art.  And a rug. There are too many hard surfaces so it looks great but sounds awful!

The question being answered by the office refurb was ‘What are you doing here?’. Starting there helps clarify what you need to get the most out to the room. I need a space to work, a place to keep books, some space for cables and paper and stationary, a place to write, to film, to edit video, and a place to read.

No doubt I’ll find that there are things missing or things that I don’t need, but a new space gives us the chance to create new habits, to see things afresh and to do familiar things differently.

What have you discovered living and working in a new space?