Last night in the World Cup match between Brazil and the Ivory Coast the ugly side of football reared its head.  Kaka, one of the best players in the world, was sent off after some play acting by one of his opponents.

Kaka didn’t deserve to be sent off…


And there is a ‘but’…

The Brazil players spent much of the game exaggerating tackles and fouls.  There were dives and rolls and screams in between the great football.

It seems at least a little ironic when one of Brazil’s players is then sent off when their opponents do the same thing.  Brazil’s over reactions set the tone of the game.

What is disappointing is that there is no need for the playacting. Brazil are brilliant.  Hugely talented.  Maybe not the flamboyant Brazil of the past but they are good.

It’s not often you hear praise for North Korea but watch one of their matches, perhaps the one from the other night against Brazil, and you will see a team who just don’t cheat.  I wonder if that’s because they haven’t been exposed to hours of overpaid prima donnas falling about at the slightest touch on TV.

Or maybe they just don’t cheat.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to see.  And maybe some others could take note.