The Church and Civil Partnerships

I’m a Christian.  I’m heterosexual.  I think Civil Partnerships are a good idea.

I thought I should say that out loud so people don’t start to think that all Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong and sinful.  I don’t and I’m fed up being misrepresented  and lumped in with the ‘Christians’ who want to have the right to judge their neighbours and discriminate against their sisters.

That isn’t the Christianity I believe in.

4 thoughts on “The Church and Civil Partnerships”

  1. Hi.

    If you mean that judging, in the dog show sense, is what annoys you about your fellow Christians regarding homosexuals being rewarded special rights beyong the norm of western civilization, then you have a point. It’s unseemly,unspititual even, to proclaim yourself above your fellow sinners.

    If you mean that it’s “unfair” to discern good from evil, and act accordingly, then your liberalized version of Biblical text remains your own personal rendition and with that, you’ve begun the exercise of creating your own religion.

    Deciding what to accept and apply of the only standard for worship of God, the Bible, has been
    done down through the centuries.

    If The Church you speak of is Roman Catholic, then you really have a problem. Lengthy, formal addresses have been delivered on this subject and your statements fall outside the official proclamations.

    In America, where fairness and respect for anothers positions and their plight are the norm, I can understand the notion that just backing off, letting people do what they want and, as long as they’re happy and they don’t hurt anyone else, then you wish them the best and move on.

    But as a Christian, fully believing yourself to have a personal relationship with God, speaking and listening to Him, reading His word and allowing His guidance on a daily basis, don’t you think APPLYING what you’ve learned would be the right thing to do?

    Personally, I work to limit my decisions based on what “feels good” and attempt to remain faithful to scripture. I fail often, but not because I try to make it up as I go along.

    Be encouraged. Taking any other position than yours would be politically incorrect and anger the radical gay lobby. There’s still time to think this through and work to accept God’s plan, not attempt to be pleasing to temporal forces.


  2. Thanks Hank.

    I think what worries me most is that people campaign to have the right to their own point of view, as long as no one else has a different one.

    It’s easy to dismiss support for gay couples as political correctness but I’m afraid that my position is based on my understanding of scripture, not ‘what feels right’.

    I have a feeling that this issue will be viewed in years to come in the same way as slavery and women’s rights to take a full part in church life .

    So, there is still time for you to learn, as there is for me. We learn through mature discussion, through seeking truth and through respect for others. As you said, we are all sinners.

    You are welcome here if that kind of discussion is what you seek.

  3. Good job (and I love the U2 allusion in your blog title!).
    I too don’t like being lumped in with the judgmentalness of the perceived christendom, either.
    In my state’s recent election, I voted against including homosexual partnerships in the definition of marriage, but also voted to give those committed partners legal benefits in domestic partnerships. (The measure failed, unfortunately.)
    I personally think homosexual behavior falls outside the Creator’s design for intimacy, but hey, so does the freebie-porno internet lust that so many hetero’s get caught in.
    So I may disagree with the lifestyle of a practicing homosexual who labels themself a Christ-follower just like me. But they’re welcome in my faith community, because I’m a prideful bastard who labels myself a Christ-follower too. We all have our weaknesses.

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