I’ve been tagged by Thomas (he’s just getting his revenge for the book tag last month!)

Here’s the rules: Grab the book closest to you. Turn to page 161. Print the 5th complete sentence on your blog. Tag 5 others.

The book closest to my desk (none on it today) was ‘The Daily Study Bible – The Gospel of Luke’ by William Barclay.

Page 161, 5th complete sentence:

To God we are never lost in the crowd.

Oddly, I quoted this section of Barclay’s book in a sermon not that long ago!!!

I tag Avril, David, Pauline, Bryan (he’ll never do it) and Russell

3 thoughts on “Tagged”

  1. page 161, 5th complete sentence:

    “Camp is not in the Old Testament.”

    From “Moab is my Washpot” – Stephen Fry’s autobiography covering the first 21 years. It’s very very funny, a little outrageous and at times moving and wise. Truly worth a read.

  2. page 161 of Jeremy Clarkson’s Born to be Riled is:

    “Or reading a map while on the phone”.

  3. Can’t resist adding in here (this can be instead of Bryan!) – great idea!

    First problem is that I am in the middle of four books at the moment. Two of which don’t have 161 pages!! Third is Ben Elton’s new book Chart Throb (hilarious!) but a really boring 5th sentence, so to my fourth book:

    “But we are seeking to make them consistent with an understanding of what a love that cares for the good of all concerned, would require.”

    Them refers to the words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount. This from Keith Ward’s “What the Bible really teaches: A Challenge for Fundamentalists”.

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