Synod Day

Well, tomorrow the United Reformed Church Synod of Scotland will gather at Perth racecourse for a ‘fun’ day.  The weather forecast is terrible, that’s why the ‘fun’ is in inverted commas.  We had hoped for the one day of sunshine this summer but it seems destined not to be.  Never mind.  I’m sure we will still have  agood day, although I have no idea what to do with 60 children who won’t be able to get out to play if it’s too wet!  Veggie Tales to the rescue!!!


well… it rained… a lot!!!  There was an amazing thunderstorm and everyone (400 people) seemed to be having a good time.  I was busy with the kids so didn’t see any of the rest of the event!  We had fun making some veggie tales stick puppets after a stressfull morning (who says 10 year olds are nice?).

Closing worship looked like this apparently (ta to Peter for the photo)

Oh, and if anyone wants a nice mug with the Synod logo on I have 241 of them in the boot of my car!!!

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  1. And tomorrow the team of Cursillo weekend #54 will meet for the first time in Perth – but we’ll be hard at work and the weather won’t matter! ;-0

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