Sunday Activity

Bike at the River

I’ve changed the status of my underused old skool rigid Specialized Hardrock from ‘ornament’ to ‘bike’ in the last couple of days.  This is partly because I need the exercise, partly because it’s not raining, but mostly because I really like getting outside and into the countryside if I can.

I have no car this weekend so the only way to go anywhere was on my bike… so I dusted it off and rode the Clyde Walkway to Chatelherault Country Park then rode out to the farthest bridge and back home.  I loved it and really need to get out on my bike much more.

Obviously I won’t be able to walk tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Sunday Activity”

  1. Good on you, Stewart. Hope the bike enjoyed it as much as you seem to have!

    Next thing you’ll be wanting to come for a jaunt up & down Glentress!

  2. I never found the walking part after a bike ride to be so much of a problem…. but sitting down, that’s the toughie!
    And the clawhammer-style saddles don’t make one blind bit of difference.

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