Starting Over?

If you had the chance to start a church with a blank canvas, how would you go about it?

What would your priorities be?

What would you do first?

How would you involve others?

What would you want it to look like?

And feel like?

2 thoughts on “Starting Over?”

  1. Great question Stewart! I was part of a church planting team that asked those exact questions 5 years ago. of course, the answers are potentially very long. But simply put for us anyway, the passion was to strip away as many hindrances as possible and create an environment where people who were not going to church could come and start their spiritual journey and discovery so we could help them connect to God and discover an live out His purposes for their lives.

    We have done many things well. We have made many mistakes. But, starting from scratch has been the best minsitry experience of my 21 years as a Christian!

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