Spill The Beans

The second pilot of Spill the Beans is here for Lent 2011.


Spill the Beans is a resource pack for age group learning and all-age worship written by a few people in Clydebank, Blantyre, Ayr, Edinburgh, Glasgow and other places who all have the same sort of situations in church of smaller sunday schools and who are looking for a creative approach to worship. The idea of the material is to base everything on the stories of the Bible rather than themes. They let the stories do the talking and all the activites and worship suggested are there to help engage again for the story, link stories together and find our own stories tangles with the faith stories.

You can download it here. One is a smaller file than the other. No difference except image quality. Help yourself. Do let them know if you are going to use it or going to try it out and let us know how you found it.

They hope, depending on this second pilot, to possibly have a whole year’s worth of material available from September 2011.

Download Spill-the-Beans-LentA-Booklet (High Quality)

Download Spill-the-Beans-LentA-Booklet (Lower Quality)

It all very homegrown. It’s very real. It’s not commercial but based on ideas that would work in their own congregations. It’s written for themselves but they know others have the same sort of situations and communities as they have so it might be useful to others too. If it is then have a go and tell them what you think. More for September hopefully.

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  1. I’m interested in your Spill the Beans resource pack! Love the content, layout, quality! Do you have an updated version? The only one I can find finished Easter 2011 which I plan using for 2012. Many thanks

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