Simple Mission

How about this for a mission strategy that will double the size of every church overnight…

Everyone bring a friend next week.

And before you snigger… when was the last time you asked anyone to go with you to church?

2 thoughts on “Simple Mission”

  1. Here’s the thing…. How many of us go to the church we do out of habit? Because it fits our time slot or keeps us in our comfort zone?

    How many of us would be embarrassed to invite a friend to the worship in which we normally partake on a Sunday?

    There are certain worship leaders, or worship experiences to which I would have no worries about inviting friends to come along – but they’re not the norm. Even when we have ‘back to church Sunday’ and make a special effort to have engaging worship the following week it’s too often back to the norm.

    Until we constantly offer relevant, engaging, challenging worship I’ll be picking the friends hom I invite – and he services I invite hem to…

  2. Who said anything about Sunday? Or worship?

    You’re right, of course. Way too many churches aren’t places that I would take my friends to either. That’s the real issue, isn’t it.

    Mission should be easy. Church should be a place that speaks to people’s need for community and meaning and be a place of hope and service. It’s not rocket science. If churches aren’t growing then there is a problem with what they are doing.

    I’ve always thought that mission shouldn’t really be a thing that churches need to do. If we don’t connect with our communities in ways that serve people, engage them and their hopes and fears and offer positive ways of living then what’s the point? It doesn’t matter how often we ask people to come, they won’t.

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