road racers

Yesterday Glasgow hosted the British Cycling National Road Race Championships in a 14k course that ran through the heart of the city.  It was a tight course with a few very steep ramps and the course will be used for the Commonwealth Games next summer.

It was amazing to watch the likes of Cavendish, Millar and Stannard in the flesh.  The speed and power of these riders is nothing short of incredible.

Millar Time

Scottish rider, David Millar (@millarmind), tweeted his power stats… “For those out there who understand watts etc. Yesterday I had a normalized power of 371watts for 4.5hrs. Nationals = Headbanging”

Most mortals can produce that kind of power for about a minute!  The last ride I went I averaged 70 watts, on the flat, over 31 minutes.

Mark Cavendish (right) won yesterday with a sprint finish that was just flabbergasting to watch.


My photos from yesterday are on Flickr.