Pedal for Scotland

pedal for scotland

Anyone fancy cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh on 12 September?  I’m thinking about doing the Challenge Ride… Just thinking, but if someone wanted to keep me company…

And it’s all in aid of Maggies Centres.

4 thoughts on “Pedal for Scotland”

  1. Stewart,
    I did the Pedal for Scotland Challenge Ride event yesterday – and only discovered you’re web-site today….

    I hope you went on the Challenge ride – I did for the first time and it was great!
    Massive event (9000+ people) , well organised, great day…if you’re still looking for someone to do the event NEXT year then give me a shout.

  2. Hi Philip

    Well done! I didn’t ride yesterday. Just back from a week in the Holy Land then spent Saturday in Fraserburgh so I doubt I’d have managed 10 miles never mind 51!

    I’d love to do it next year so better planning will be required!

  3. I didn’t ride in it but I was there by the roadside for 4 hours taking photographs (3800 of them!) and egging everyone on. What a great event, absolutely everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Holding the camera up for all that time I bet I was the only one on the day to get cramp in the arms! I’m uploading the pics to my site right now ( and they should all be ready for viewing by lunch time on Wednesday 15th. I’m charging really reasonable prices for prints, not to make a profit but instead to fund my photography hobby. Have a look and see if I caught you on film (well, memory card these days).

  4. Hi All, I did 51 mile run and enjoyed it .Glad weather was nice. much fun had by all ! some crazy bikes out there!! wish they could plan a route with fewer hills though! and got massage at the park !! bliss!!
    Well organised run and will def do next year.

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