one day, one room

I watched House late last night on Hallmark.  I don’t watch it often but enjoy it when I do, even though Hugh Laurie with an American accent takes a bit of getting used to.

Last night the ever grumpy and emotionally closed off House was confronted with a rape victim called Eve who just wanted to talk to him.  He of course couldn’t and so they went back and forth about why she wanted to talk but not about what happened to her.

She said something like ‘Life is a series of rooms that you share with people.  Today is this room and we are the ones who are in it’.

I was struck by this and have to say that as a description of life it makes lots of sense.  We share our lives with many different people, one room and one day at a time.  I wonder if we ever make the most of the chance we have to share in other people’s journeys and to find out who they are and where they have been.

House didn’t want to share himself, that’s not what he does.  But then House strikes me as an exaggeration of all of us.  We are all closed and defensive most of the time.

I wonder which room I will be in today and who will share that room with me?