normal service will resume… sometime

notebookIf you follow the blog then you’ll know that I’m at the end stages of my Masters in Research.  That means I’m in the all consuming land of dissertation.

At the moment my days consist of listening to interviews, trying to remember why on earth I wrote cryptic notes during said interviews and trying to work out what said interviews and cryptic notes mean.  It’s lots of fun.

Anyway, my engagement in such fun activities means that I won’t be blogging much over the next month or so.  I will when I have time, when I’m procrastinating (there’s a good chance my post count will go up rather than down!) and when I have something I just really need to say out loud.

In the meantime why not click on one of the things on the right?  You can get great book, a free e-book, listen to some great podcasts, find out about Christian Aid week or sponsor David’s London Marathon run for Kidney Research… or all of them!

Thanks for your support and patience.