new beginning

Today was a good day.  I was at Priesthill URC in Glasgow.  Priesthill is one of Glasgow’s most deprived areas and is in the midst of a bout of regeneration.  In the middle of the scheme is the church.

Priesthill URC

As you can see, the church is in very poor condition.  Inside it is damp because of the concrete walls and flat roof.

Today was a good day because I got to share some dreams with the 10 ladies who worship here.  I preached about Nicodemus and Abram, two men who were not scared to take a risk of faith.  The congregation here are about to begin a redevelopment programme which will  result in this building being knocked down and a new building and affordable homes being built in its place.   I’ll hopefully be involved in this project and will try to keep  you up to date with our progress.  It’s such an exciting time for people who have struggled valiantly to keep their church alive and working against all the odds.  This isn’t just a dream for 10 people on a Sunday.  There is a huge Girl’s Brigade company here with over 60 girls meeting every week.  This place is at the heart of the community and they deserve better.  I’m really excited about the future here.

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  1. Make sure they budget for a new ‘R’.
    Sounds great though. As you say, pretty exciting stuff when there’s a vision for these sorts of projects. It’ll be good to hear how it develops.

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