need to know for youth work?

We’re working on a level 1 youth work course.  That is, a basic course for volunteers and people who are new to youth work.

What would you include?  What do you think youth workers need to know?

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  1. Child Protection! Especially in these dark days! lol

    Having some sort of vision – goals/targets whatever. Are we glorified babysitters or trying to take the young people somewhere…

    Some outline guidance if workers are going into school – what is suitable sort of conduct.

    Resources – how to get stuff, money, people… what sort of things are out there. Ideas bank?

    What is youth work about? Programmes v People!

    You could loosely base it around the songs of a massive Irish rock band! lol
    (Those were the days)

  2. I agree with rich on most of what he says but the massive irish rock band? Boyzone? i am not sure how that would work. or did you mean B*witched?

    I guess the real thing which is needed is the idea of what good youth work should look like.
    I think youthwork is a feeling based activity and for volunteers it can been hard to understand or see where there work is leading them. The feel of good youth work is distinctive and identifiable to those who have expereienced it but., knowing how cleaning the toilets or running the tackshop can actually resource and enable that feeling is something more… I doubt i am being very clear here.

    As a volunteer practical skills are important. how to run and game, do a craft, have a conversation, basic skills which most volunteers already have but can feel ackward when the doing with young people.

    a real sense of hope and joy for and with young people. I am not sure how you teach that but you should.

    I guess a volunteer should be aware of the different roles people play within a youthwork setting. and how they should interact with those people and perhaps one person fufilling multiple roles.

    A knowledge of how a volunteer should be managed. (line manager meeting of some sort, developmental opps, training availability, Grieveance procedure, probation time)

    A real understanding of how important and valuable volunteers are to any type of youthwork enterprise.

    anyway more later no doubt.

  3. I’ve no idea, I’m just an art teacher….

    …however, I think for voluteers, lots of whom will have worked a full day before helping out on the Wednesday night club, it’s got to be fun or they’re going to get fed up pretty quick. Also, having a sense of vision and purpose is key too, keeping a sense of the big picture of young people’s lives and connection with God.

    Hope all is well with you Stewart,
    much love, Iain

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