my bag & what’s missing (update)

I haven’t posted my bag for a while. I’ve got several new things since the last time

New bag, new laptop, new notebooks, new phone BUT I’ve lost my favourite pen!!!

I had a Parker Urban and I lost it, then found it again last week and now I’ve lost it again! Anyway, I’m sure it will turn up (probably on my desk when I move something).

UPDATE: Found it!!!  It was in my suit pocket… no wonder I couldn’t find it!

So, what’s in your bag?

2 thoughts on “my bag & what’s missing (update)”

  1. I see a Moleskine with tabs on it (and an apple logo? but that’s beside the point…). So have you adapted these wonderful notebooks into a GTD routine? I love the idea, but haven’t heard from anyone who has successfully made it happen… Thoughts?

  2. Well… the apple logo was a bit of a joke (it’s my other MacBook). I know. Lame.

    As for the GTD attempt. I haven’t gone headfirst into the whole thing. The notebook is tabbed with ‘Today’, ‘Blog’, ‘Projects’ and “someday’. I use the book to take notes at meetings and to write down thoughts either for work or for blogging but have been using my laptop more and more and the notebook less and less.

    My problem has always been making the jump between ‘writing it down’ and transferring it to a to do list. I tend to do most of my work on my laptop to I should really learn the new Project stuff in Entourage (Mac Office version of Outlook). I tried with the 2004 version but it messed up the sync with my phone (where I also keep my diary). I’ve got 2008 version now so I hope that is fixed.

    I’m looking for a system that helps me write down what I need to know, sort our what I need to do and keep track of all that. Any suggestions?

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