John Orr blog!!!

For ages I’ve been trying to get John Orr to blog.  I’ve known John for years and he has been on a very interesting journey from giving up gainful employment to become a student of Divinity and potential minister.  That’s interesting enough in itself but I would love to hear more about John’s theological journey.  Along the road John has thought deeply about who he is, who God is and how the two of them relate.  I want to hear about it…

and now I can!!!  And and so can you!!!  at

I look forward to reading your thoughts and questions John!

2 thoughts on “John Orr blog!!!”

  1. Gosh! That’s a lot of hype to live up to.
    I really need to get into the ‘journalling’ habit, so it might as well be suitably techy.
    If the site ends up chopping and changing often, then it’s because I’ve reverted to finding the tech side more interesting than the words, but I’ll try and find a style I like and stick with it.
    As for what I have to say, there’ll be the usual mix of mundane and meaty. Generally it’ll just be a place for me to try and sort out my own thoughts so it may just be a bit of a brain-dump at times.

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