it’s the future part 2

Well, the meeting is over.  And just so you know… the 24 hours had a break in it for sleep and food!!!

We put some thoughts on a flip chart at one point, things we might be or wish to become or things we might wish to be known for as the United Reformed Church Synod of Scotland:

  • Ecumenical – we are clear in our affirmation of ecumenism
  • Imagination rather then Memory – perhaps a statement of intent but one we are capable of fulfilling
  • Inclusive -always with work to do to be more inlusive but getting there
  • Access to politics – we have a voice and should use it speaking out for what we believe and making sure the people of Scotland know that the church has more than one voice and one view.
  • from institution to community – we must remember we are called to the community of God not God’s institution
  • Affirming of ‘lay’people – we believe in the priesthood of all believers, that all are called by God to minister and serve each other and all have gifts and talents for to good of all.

 It’s quite a list but i think it is a pretty good start.  What do you think?  Is that the kind of church you would want to be involved in?

3 thoughts on “it’s the future part 2”

  1. Sounds like a good church to me! Meanwhile I have my own to plug away in – what were we singing today about “sad divisions”?

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