Is seeing the negative a positive?

I’m not generally prone to being miserable.  Sometimes quiet but not usually sullen.  And I’m not today.  I’m feeling ok, not up but certainly not down.  So why the self reflection?

Well, I’ve just left my feedback on the NYA over on the planning wiki and I’ve highlighted all the things I thought could be better.  I’ve just read it back and I sound like a right moaner.  What’s that about?

Is that my gift?  To point out the flaws?  That seems to be how I approach most tasks I’m presented with, at least to begin with.  I do the ‘reasons why this won’t work, but I also try to do ‘ways to make it better’ too.

I didn’t have a mountaintop weekend.  It had its moments.  Quite a few.  But it also had its shortcomings.  That’s not a criticism of the overall event, just a recognition that in my opinion some things could be better.  I’m happy to say how they could be better too.  So maybe seeing the negative is a positive.

I’ll go finish my half empty cup of coffee now.

1 thought on “Is seeing the negative a positive?”

  1. Welcome to my world. I often find myself in the same position – pointing out the things that weren’t quite right or could have been better. I don’t know if that’s down to personality or training – it was my job for many years to ‘develop’ things and that often means a cold, hard look at what’s not right and needs improving. And it can be a delicate job. People get precious about their ‘bit’ and if that’s the bit that’s not quite working out, persuading them to change can be difficult. It’s even more of an issue with something like YA when so many people do go away on a high. The ‘voice of reason’ can often then sound churlish or ungrateful. But you know yourself that you’re not those things and that your heart is for improvement not destruction and sometimes you need to be reminded of that (you’ve done it for me often enough). Keep doing what you do, striving for better connections, better relevance, better understanding, because is does make a difference.

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