Do you ever get times where you seem to lack inspiration?  I’m feeling a little like that just now.  I’ve got things to do.  Stuff to be getting on with.  I just don’t seem to have much to say or write about.

I guess it’s all about stimulation.  I’ve not read much recently, heard anything new or watched any new movies.  I’ve been too busy and ill (manflu).

Why is it that those things that stimulate our brains always seem like less than work but they are always the things that feed us and make us work better?

So, in a bid to be inspired… what inspires you?  What have you read?  What idea is buzzing round your brain?  What’s your next big thing?

1 thought on “inspiration?”

  1. Passion inspires me!Especially passion in a sporting context, even if the thing I need inspiration for involves zero sport, it inspires me.That and integrity, people standing up against the odds and sticking to their beliefs/morals, no matter the pressure to go against them.

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