I’m feeling very Olympic today


My race pack for the National Lottery Anniversary Run has arrived!  As you can see I’m number 248 and I’m in the red start wave.  That’s the first wave so I’m starting to worry that I put the wrong time as my prediction!!!

I’m really looking forward to the run.  The course is slightly different to last year, partly because all the temporary venues have been removed from the Olympic Park.  It’s still 5 miles and I’m still hoping for a sub 40 minute time but that’s going to depend on lots of things, mostly the weather and the volume of people.

The forecast for the weekend is looking HOT but I’ve had a few runs in the heat recently so I’m hoping I’ll cope.  I keep telling myself I managed to run 26.2 miles in 26C so this should be fine!

This time last year we were all still wondering what the Olympics would hold.  Would the opening ceremony be any good?  Would the British athletes cope with the pressure of a home games?  Would world records tumble?

The answer was a resounding YES.  The opening was incredible, the athletes performed and world records were smashed.

Most of all we wondered what the games’ legacy might be?  Would they ‘inspire a generation’?

Well, the places for this run sold out in hours.  The places for the 2014 London Marathon ballot went in record time.  parkrun is growing every week.  Cycling participation is at an all time high.  And a Scot won Wimbledon.

It seems like something is happening…