I’m Back!

Sorry for the break.  Well, no actually I’m not.  I’ve been on holiday in Tenerife in the sun.

Now I’m back and it’s raining.  Anyway, I’m back home, back at work and back to blogging.

I guess this is the start of the new session for me.  Most churches start back their normal routine around this time and I’m looking forward to doing some training, some developing and some encouraging over the coming months.

The most immediate big thing is Nexus which is almost upon us but this year sees the introduction of a new Youth and Children’s Work Committee and Synod so that promises to be interesting!  I’m running a web 2.0 training day in November, some youth work training over October, November and December, got team meetings, a review, Synod…  I think I need another holiday!!!

Anyway, it’s good to be back, even though my sunburn is very itchy today!