Holy Week

I was guest preacher tonight at a Holy Week service in Lanark. I spent some time talking about Mary of Bethany who anointed Jesus with oil and with love and also about Judas who criticised her for it, then betrayed Jesus. I guess there is a Mary and a Judas in us all. Thankfully God’s grace both accepts our praise and forgives our weakness.  (the sermon is here)

After the service we walked the labyrinth in the hall. It was a beautiful and soul searching experience and I’m so glad I had the chance to make the pilgrimage. There are a few more photos on flikr.

2 thoughts on “Holy Week”

  1. My Mary is getting better, trying to offer more worship (er… more of my life as worship), trying to break free of thinking of worship only in song.
    My Judas is what I really have to keep an eye on… criticizing something that I don’t see as having the Jesus “seal of approval” and then doing something myself that doesn’t merit that approval either…
    Great post. Do you archive your sermons anywhere? Either manuscript or mp3?

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