hard questions at Drumchapel

I was back at Drumchapel Essenside this morning to lead worship.  They are such a great bunch of people.  So down to earth and welcoming.

The texts for today were quite challenging; the story of Elijah asking God to raise the widow’s son back to life from 1 Kings 17 and Luke’s account of Jesus raising the son of a widow in Nain (chapter 7).

These texts raise some very real questions about why not everyone gets healed, why bad things happen and why God seems not to intercede.  As I prepared over the week I felt in an awkward position as an outsider going in and talking about these kind of questions with a group of people I hardly know. (I’ll post my sermon in the blue BOX)

What struck me was despite the obvious and well documented hardships of Drumchapel the people in the church seem to be bouyant and optimistic.  They are people who get on and get stuck in.

They even asked why Avril wasn’t there (she’s not been feeling great).  In some churches we go to people don’t even speak to her!

I’m not preaching again for a while as I’ve got Crossover next weekend, Synod Day the weekend after then a couple of weeks later it’s General Assembly so a busy time.  I’m also off to London for our team meeting on Tuesday and I’m going by train so I’m looking forward to the journey and the free wi-fi provided by GNER!

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