day 1 of being organised

Well… so far so good.  I now have a task list as long as my arm which is all synchronised with my phone and iPAQ (I think they will become significant tools in this battle!), a 3 tray file system, my stuff in files with labels and an almost clear desk.  I’ve been very productive this morning and seem to actually be ‘Getting Things Done’!

Next on the list is setting up my notebook (paper) so the stuff that goes in it is in some kind of format that allows me to update my Outlook easily.

Avril doubts my commitment to this new regime… we’ll see!  I’m liking it so far!

5 thoughts on “day 1 of being organised”

  1. oooo…. an online domestic 🙂
    I’m keen to know if it all works. I’m hopelessly disorganised – my biggest problem is deciding where to file things, so I set them to one side to decide later. And, of course, the pile just grows along with the stuff that I’ll file later because I’m too busy.

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