crossover de-brief

Tonight is the final chapter of Crossover 2007.  The de-brief for an event this size is very important as Crossover brings together so many agencies and volunteers to deliver a weekend for over 500 young people.

Crossover has been a huge part of my life for over 10 years and I’ve decided that tonight will mark the end of my involvement in the management of the event.  It seems like a good day to do that as Tony Blair makes way for Gordon Brown and a government of new ideas and talents, so it is my hope that Crossover will grow and evolve by embracing and enouraging new ideas and new visions.

When I got involved with Crossover it was pretty much a blank piece of paper which we soon filled in with all kinds of mad ideas.  The first event in 1999 had something like 20 bands playing, mostly to 5 people.  The police came along and asked us to stop at 10pm, then told us to stop at 10.15pm!  The years have seen sun and rain, but it seems to be an event that young people come along to wanting to have a good time.

I am hugely proud of Crossover.  Over 9 events thousands of young people have come to Crossover and met with God, sometimes for the first time.  They have fun, they get up to mischief, they learn and they worship God.

The people who organise Crossover are some of the best I work with.  They are enthusiastic, passionate about God and about young people.  They want Crossover to be the best it can be for the young people who come and I’m confident that they will re-imagine Crossover as something vibrant and exciting.  I will watch on with interest.